Mystical, magical crystals and their properties!🔮

We recently got a treasure trove of incredible crystals in the shop which have been selling like crazy! My love for crystals intensifies every year it seems! I love creating vignetts of mystical, magical crystal corners in my home. I also incorporate crystals and precious stones into my own handmade headpiece work. I love the intimate ritual of charging crystals in a rainstorm to cleanse and intensify their powers. My best friend carries a few of her favourite crystals with her which act as her talismans for guidance, balance, alignment, and are often incorporated into her Tarot card readings. I am fascinated with crystals, but still very much a crystal novice! How do you incorporate crystals into your life? Whatever your experience is with crystals, they are so fun and inspiring and easy to use, so I thought it would be helpful to consolidate some helpful crystal info into one place!


Blue Agate is calmness. Blue Agate stone is known as a talisman with great healing energies. It has been believed that the gemstone lessens negative energies or various stresses. It is also said to release tension and to relax.

Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold. Reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. It attracts abundance in wealth and improves self- esteem.

Agate Geodes can assist one in astral travels and are good tools for meditations. They can be good for soothing and de-stressing and aid in spirituality and psychism.

Agate Slices most noticeable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing and calming. Historically it was placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel sickness.

Amazonite crystal therapies are primarily associates with filtering out stresses, healing traumas, and soothing energies in the home and workplace.


Ametheyst Points are a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts, especially in darker shades. Amethyst assists endeavors where new, original results need to be created using tools and methods of the past. It is often used as the Artist’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone, the Inventor’s, Poet’s and Painter’s Stones. Keep an Amethyst crystal or cluster in the area to focus and amplify the creative elements of the Universal Life Force.

Called the “All-healer,” Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants and animals. Natural unpolished Amethysts or geodes are particularly helpful placed where plants will not grow or animals refuse to sit. It also counteracts negative earth energies beneath buildings or anywhere that feels hostile. Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments and emotional issues, and Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares, insomnia and balancing the crown chakra.

Referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer,” Amethyst calms and soothes, assisting the transmission of neural signals through the brain. It relieves obsessive compulsive disorder and hyperactivity in children and animals. Place under the pillow or mattress, or rub the center of the forehead counter-clockwise to cure insomnia and stimulate pleasant dreams. It is especially effective for children’s recurring nightmares and fears of the dark, and may help alleviate homesickness.

Amethyst Chunks have healing powers to help with physical ailments and emotional issues. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares, insomnia and balancing the crown chakra.


Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone with benefits for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Use Green Aventurine to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease.

Calcite Stone is a strong sacral chakra stone that gets the positive energy moving, especially in the areas of creativity and sexuality. By simply holding Calcite in your hand, you can create an amazing flow of energy through your body, as it is a strong energy amplifier

They help to clear negative energy and bring an increase in the good vibrations present. There is a type or color of this crystal that will work at every chakra

Blue Calcite is more calming, where Orange Calcite is more energizing

Whatever color you choose, these stones are excellent assets to have present in your home, business or in your healing area, as they are well known to assist you to cleanse your environment.


Citrine Chunk does not absorb any negative energies from it’s surroundings, and thus never needs energetic clearing. Citrine is a happy stone and can bring happiness to the person who carries or wears it. Because of its removal of negative energy and its own positivity it can relieve depression, self doubt, anger and irrational mood swings.

Fancy Jasper facilitates in balancing and aligning the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It is a stone of strength, courage and determination. Jasper stimulates creativity and imagination, encouraging ideas into action!


Titanium Hematite is a powerful stone for protection and helps to keep the body and spirit grounded. It’s also helpful for balancing the aura and aligning the chakras.


Blue Quartz is a stone of peace, expression and order that can enhance organizational abilities, self-discipline, and orderliness.

Quartz Points amplify energy and are used for an instant lift. Quartz points seek to bring balance through all of our chakras. Quartz has the ability to receive, store and send energy, which makes it known as the master healer.

Rose Quartz is a stone of universal love, tenderness and sensuality, Rose Quartz is a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual imagination. 

Rose Quartz is a calming and reassuring crystal, excellent for restoring trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It can also be used in trauma or crisis, including the emotional upheaval of mid-life crisis. It strengthens empathy, sensitivity, and aids in the acceptance of necessary change. It is also an excellent stone for comforting grief.

Rose Quartz is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children, providing beautiful dreams as well as preventing nightmares or night terrors. It also helps children to not be afraid of the dark. 

A large piece of unpolished Rose Quartz in the workplace provides ongoing protection against intrusion and gossip.

I hope you find this information interesting and enlightening, and feel inspired to add more magical crystal energy into your life!!!


Your friends at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love



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